Brook Jordan

Personal statement

A skilled front-end developer, illustrator and designer with a pro‑active attitude to problem-solving. I'm adept at creating elegant responsive websites, creating complex API’s which are easy-to-use, whilst managing stakeholder expectations.

Having self-taught software and development skills, these have been refined through years of commercial experience within global companies and working with high-profile and blue‑chip clients. A collaborative and adaptable individual - I consider the needs of customers, webmasters, and colleagues alike.

Key skills

Future thinking

By researching multiple solutions I facilitate future improvements and target possible problems before they arise.


I synergise learned skills to give me a better overview for future projects - aiding faster, more adaptable workflows.

Team player

I have worked successfully in scrum teams with artists, designers, developers and clients - contributing and learning from the group in each situation.

Self starter

I am capable of taking responsibility for managing my own projects’ time-lines and priorities to meet deadlines, while documenting de-prioritised issues to tackle later.

Attention to detail

The desire for perfection drives me to respect the smallest details, keeping designs tight, interactions fluid, and code efficient and maintainable.

Technical skills

Employment history


Web developer

Responsible for:

  • creating and aiding design of responsive websites hosting flash and HTML games

  • designing and maintaining data structures within a custom data system

  • creating and keeping developer and webmaster docuementation up-to-date

  • creating, maintaining and running tests for all Javascript code created

  • designing and maintaining build-processes

  • keeping image assets current, including SVGs

During my time at Betway – Win Technologies, London Bridge Media – I was working primarily on games lobbies, producing beautiful, streamlined experiences for players.

Working closely with design at all times, UX and design was iterated upon and ran by many people before any final concept was decided upon. This created unique and streamlined game-play, easy payment processes, fun promotion enrolment, clear instructions, minimal frustration while navigating the sites and overall a super-fast percieved website.

Perform Group

Web developer

Responsible for creating live streaming websites, supporting eCommerce, CMS integration and curated data feeds.

Work included managing, designing, writing, and correcting:

  • websites, pages and templates

  • user interface and user experience design

  • webmaster, client, customer and technical documentation

Key Clients include:

During my time at Perform I created responsive websites incorporating live and historical sports data, live video and audio streams, and client-driven CMS data into hand-coded websites organised within the companies own IDE, primarily using the Freemarker templating language.

Throughout all stages of development I bear in mind the perspectives of a designer, client / webmaster and customer - as well as a developer - building great experiences for all involved before, during, and after builds. This workflow has garnered excellent feedback, with the trust that I gain putting me in direct contact with all sectors, easing the burden of stakeholders - allowing them to focus on other key responsibilities.

Junior web developer

Having adapted and learned quickly in the core web development team, I progressed quickly to work on high profile projects within dedicated scrum teams.

Research Now

Intern designer

Responsibilities included designing, managing and maintaining:

  • print design for fliers, leaflets etc

  • various graphics and infographics

  • Flash, jpeg and gif website banners

  • HTML and CSS for email newsletters and mini sites

  • printed give-aways, such as beermats, chocolate wrappers, wine bottle collars

Contract jobs

Key clients include:


Manchester Metropolitan University

BA Hons Illustration With Animation

With a focus on 3D animation, it turned out the university wasn't well equipped for what I wanted to do. So I struggled through with little help, creating four final projects, instead of the usual one.

Lincoln College

BA Hons Foundation in Art

Focused on Illustration, I spent most of my time with life-drawing and my final project was a CG 3D animated music video for a friend's band.

The Priory LSST

A levels

Maths, Physics, Systems and Control, Art


Maths, Separate sciences, Art, Electronics and 9 others.

BA Hons Illustration With Animation

BA Hons Foundation in Art

A level in Maths

A level in Art

A level in Systems and Control

A level in Physics

GCSE Maths


GCSE Electronics

GCSE Separate sciences

Hobbies & interests

Guitar & recording

Having taught myself guitar while at University, I still enjoy small recording sessions in my bedroom – just for fun, mind you.


I am familiar with modern point and shoot, and SLR cameras – taking photos while out-and-about. I currently own the fantastic Sony RX100.


I still enjoy life-drawing and frequently go to classes to keep my drawing sharp. During breaks you could find me sketching my surroundings or folding a paper butterfly.


Most of my spare time is spent with computers and electronics, learning new concepts, languages and APIs – immersing myself in their world.


The progressive problem-solving nature of real-time strategy games makes them my ‘go-to’, but I also enjoy a few casual action and first-person shooters.